How much will a mortgage cost me

Your income will determine your borrowing ability.  In the old days a general rule of thumb is the bank will allow for 35% of your income to service a home loan.  But this has evolved and the bank now take a very close look at your day to day expenses including credit card limits (regardless of whether you pay them off in full or not), how many motor vehicles you have, superannuation payments etc etc.

But if your repayments are within 35% of your income then that's a good start.



This varies depending on how long you fix for and what interest rates are available at the time.  We prefer splitting your loan over various fixed rate terms but fixing for no longer than three years.   If you fix for too long you don't end up completing regular reviews of your lending.  We feel regular reviews are more important  than obtaining the best fixed rate at the time.

Your future plans will also dictate the term of the fixed interest rate loan.  Whether you are looking to shift, change jobs or plan to have children in a couple of years it is good for us to know.  We will structure your loan based on these potential life changing scenarios!

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What will my repayments be?