Why Would I Bother With An Insurance Advisor?

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Many of us use a mortgage broker to help us navigate the complexities of the home lending market, but how many of use actually have an insurance advisor?

Insurance has definitely changed over the last 20 years it’s not always a straightforward decision on standard health & life insurance.

Insurance has become an integral part of ensuring a stable financial future & mitigating any risks that may sabotage your long-term plans.

A good insurance advisor is there to devise a personalised risk management plan for you & your family. A plan that supports you to achieve your future goals & objectives, & provide a safety net to give you the best chance of achieving those goals if unplanned events occur.

Research by the CFFC (Commission for Financial Capability) has shown that Kiwis are more likely to insure a physical item such as a car, house, or contents than they to insure themselves, or their income. Which seems a little unusual given you & your income are what makes all the other things possible. If we don’t look after us first & foremost, then it can have a flow on effect in not only well-being, but also our ability to achieve our future goals or even maintain our current lifestyle.

Making sure we have adequate cover is beneficial on so many levels it;

  • Offers peace of mind – don’t have to spend time worrying about the what-ifs, scrambling or stressing when unexpected challenges arise.
  • Provides financial security
  • Enables us to maintain your current lifestyle - no matter what's going on

Our circumstances continually change as we move through life, we buy houses, have children, change jobs etc. all of which can play a big role in our financial wellbeing & ability to reach our future goals or even maintain our current standard of living. Just like we review our home loans on a regular basis is just as important to review our insurance needs. Make sure they are keeping up with our changing circumstances, serving the purpose intended & making sure we're get the best possible coverage at a competitive price to meet our needs.

For many reviewing our insurance needs isn’t top priority – it can seem daunting, with so many options, a lot of fine print & slight variations between policies. It’s often hard to even know where to start, & what we really need. That’s why we’ve bought Neil into the Focus Team. He’s here to help you cut through all the noise, save time & most importantly making sure you’re only paying for what’s important to you & what you need.

Neil will get to know your unique circumstances & help you develop a comprehensive risk management plan based on what you need & can afford.                                                          

Being aligned with the top insurance providers in NZ, he’s able to advocate on your behalf to make sure you get the best level of coverage for your money, fitting your personal circumstances. Also having had his own business for many years, & his vast investment experience you can be comfortable knowing he’ll have all your bases covered.

So if it’s time to have a chat & you’re looking for a tailored straight forward & relaxed approach to an often overwhelming topic – don’t hesitate to contact Neil 027-545-4003 or neil@ffgl.co.nz

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