Why use a mortgage broker?

There is so much happening in the finance industry at the moment:

  • Reserve Bank reduces OCR by 0.25% but the main banks are not following with interest rate reductions.  So what does this mean?
  • Major bank criteria changes with offshore residents and Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) restrictions for investment properties.
  • Kiwisaver caps have been increased to make it easier for first home buyers.  But on the flip side changes in some of the banks criteria have made it more difficult for first home buyers.
  • Some banks are not as competitive with their interest rate offering as they use to be.  Why won't they do a good rate for me anymore and what happens when they won't match other banks?

We can help you negotiate through all of this. We understand the different criteria and interest rates that each bank offers.  In addition you have access to over 50 years experience in the finance industry that Focus can provide you.  All at no cost.  Why wouldn't you use a mortgage broker?

We look forward to hearing from you.