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Tools and tips for cash flow management
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Managing cash flow is one of the primary concerns for business owners. As we step into the new year, reassessing the tools and strategies utilised for cash flow management can empower your business to gain greater control and foster long-term growth.


Here are 7 summarised cashflow management tools and tips your business can implement in the new year. Learn how they can help address challenges with managing cash flow and business demand. Read the article for further information and to access the tools.

  • A cash flow forecast template can help indicate your business’ future cash position, spot trends, and tackle cash flow issues before they become a crisis.

  • A profit and loss projection tool can assist in evaluating the performance of your business model through expense calculations but also helps future planning, enable developing projections, sales targets, and pricing goods or services.

  • Use an accountant to assist you in understanding cashflow impacts your business may face this year.

  • Think about pricing to help choose an appropriate pricing strategy which is critical to get the most value out of your products or services, position your business competitively, boost cashflow and earn desired profits.

  • Get smart with your invoicing by having a disciplined approach with keeping the books up to date, prompt invoicing clear payment terms in time.

  • Review business budgets including any technology and software subscriptions. Spend wisely, stay on top of stock management and weigh the potential returns on expenditure.

  • Save. If your business has a cash reserve to fall back on during challenging times you won’t regret it.

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