Ensure your interests are protected

When was the last time you conducted a comprehensive review of your insurance cover?

As life circumstances change, your level and type of insurance coverage should also be reviewed to ensure it is relevant, appropriate and affordable.

Nobody likes to think about accidents, illness and ageing but sadly, they're a part of life. Thinking ahead and ensuring you have the right insurance can help protect your home, business, partner or family and help take the worry out of everyday life.

We consider insurances that encompass mortgage cover through to life, travel and health to be an integral part of a balanced and cost effective financial strategy. 

Our insurance advisors, Neil Steeman from Focus Financial, Bree Catterall from Abbott Group and Paula Jones from Jones Insurance Consultants are able to help you work out what level of cover you need, so you're prepared for the unexpected.

 Neil Steeman 

Neil Steeman - Ph. 027-545-4003



 Bree Catterall - Ph. 029-777-0370


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  Paula Jones - Ph. 027-285-3785