Accountant - Whutuporo

Whutupōro - Striving To Win

Whutupōro was established in 1993 and has been one of the leading chartered accountancy business in Christchurch. Our team bring a unique way of accountancy and business services to its clients.

Our logo represents the “W’ for the business name Whutupōro meaning Rugby from which we take principles of and apply to our business and how we assist our clients.

The design of the W symbolises many other aspects of the meaning of the name and also the business it is representing. The logo gives a feeling of movement in its two parts - consistent with the movement of a rugby ball being kicked over posts or down a field it also represents movement with two parts coming together - symbolising people and business working together. At the same time you can see the Maori aspect of the logo representing New Zealand (our proud country) where the two parts of the graphic come together creating a beautiful koru shape in the centre.

This logo represents strength, perseverance to succeed and the coming together of people to work together with one goal.