Do You Know Your Credit Score?

No matter how much of a deposit you have a credit check can be the make or break of any home loan application.

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How Your Living Expenses Can Impact Your Home Loan Application

Lenders consider a variety of factors when assessing your home loan application. Their aim is to ascertain if you're able to comfortably afford the potential loan repayments.

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The Pros & Cons of Debt Consolidation

For many of us consolidating our debt (combining multiple loans, hire purchases, credit cards into one loan) is a great way to get our finances in order & make managing...

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Helpful Tips to Cure A Financial Hangover

Overindulging during the Christmas, New Year period can leave us with more than just a few extra kilos to contend with. Many of us will be left with a bit of a ‘financial hangover’ too.

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4 Simple Ways to Avoid Over Spending This Xmas

Christmas can be a time of traditional ‘over spending’ 

Here’s a couple of ideas to help you avoid New Year ‘Financial Hangover’ and still enjoy the silly season.

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You need to borrow some money, perhaps you need to replace a car, purchase new technology, update furnishings or just want a few extra funds for that trip you’ve been planning.

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Simple Tips to Get Your Credit Rating Back On Track

People who’ve never previously experienced financial challenges have found themselves having to closely monitor their money to avoid impacting their credit rating & get through the past year.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, know someone who is, or perhaps know your credit rating isn’t looking at good as it once was, we’ve got 4 steps you can do to get things back on track & help you to avoid any future credit issues.

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New Year Resolutions and Your Finances

The new year is a perfect opportunity to not only start fresh with healthier mind & body, but also consider your financial wellbeing.

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