How Your Living Expenses Can Impact Your Home Loan Application

Lenders consider a variety of factors when assessing your home loan application. Their aim is to ascertain if you're able to comfortably afford the potential loan repayments.

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Fixed vs Floating The 3 Key Questions To Ask Yourself

It can be hard as borrowers to decide when's the optimum time to lock in a fixed rate & for how long, or if you're better off to remain on a floating rate.

If you know the answers to these 3 questions your mortgage broker will be able recommend a loan structure that will support your current & future plans.

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What You Need To Consider When Financing A Renovation

Kiwi’s are known as keen DIYers & with reno shows like The Block, there’re more & more home owners giving it a go for themselves.

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You need to borrow some money, perhaps you need to replace a car, purchase new technology, update furnishings or just want a few extra funds for that trip you’ve been planning.

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4 Signs You've Got The Right Mortgage Broker

Finding a mortgage broker can be a little daunting - they may have the right qualifications, great reviews, but can you really trust they'll do a great job for you? And exactly what does an ideal broker look like anyway?

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Read This BEFORE Refinancing Your Home Loan

See an amazing Home Loan interest rate, been introduced to your 5th Banking Consultant in 5 years.

There are many reasons why clients approach us wanting to refinance their home loans.  

So, we thought we’d share with you the 6 things to consider when deciding, should you stay or should you go.

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7 Things Your Mortgage Broker Wants You To Know

For many potential First Home Buyers, the current market climate is looking pretty appealing. With interest rates extremely low we’ve seen a definite step forward by those wanting to get on the property ladder.

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Looking To Buy? It's Not Always About the Money

Probably not something you'd hear from your local Real Estate agent - however as Mortgage Brokers we often get to see a different side to things.

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Managing Financial Commitments in Uncertain Times

There's been a lot of talk recently about options to ease financial stress in regards to mortgages at this time. In particular 'Repayment Holidays' (which are really deferments, not a 'holiday' at all) or going 'Interest Only'.

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5 Things To Consider Before Refinancing

We often get asked about refinancing ‘Is it worth it – How much will I save?’ 

Refinancing your existing loans can most certainly have some benefits

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