Tony Alexander Market Update March 2020

In last month’s column I looked at why many people got caught out in believing house prices would collapse during and still after the GFC, and why our house prices...

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Turnaround times for approvals are very slow!

Thought we would publish this article to highlight that we are finding it difficult trying to manage turnaround times with the banks.  Only a 5 minute read!

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The OCR & How It Works

February saw a fair bit of talk around the OCR (Official Cash Rate) with an announcement to hold the rate at 1% again this month.

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Tony Alexander Market Update February 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to this first monthly column from myself, looking at the overall state of the NZ economy, developments, prospects, and challenges in the housing market, and broader...

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NEWSLETTER - January 2020

For the latest for the Focus Team take a look at our January Newsletter

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5 Things To Consider Before Refinancing

We often get asked about refinancing ‘Is it worth it – How much will I save?’ 

Refinancing your existing loans can most certainly have some benefits

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Bernard Hickey Market Update September 2019

The omens on both the supply and demand sides are looking better for house prices as the spring open home season arrives.

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What Exactly Is A Caveat?

It’s not unusual in New Zealand to come across a caveat on a property.

For some seeing the work caveat immediately activates the internal warning bells, conjuring up images of warring neighbours, family disputes or previously dodgy dealings. But rest assured this is rarely the case. As with anything the best way to dispel a myth is to get curious, get to the bottom of things & understand how caveats work.

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There is an amazing amount of information on the web and you can Google almost anything with instant results.  But I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some specific websites which are very helpful when budgeting, building or purchasing a home. They all provide some great information and generally very easy to navigate around and understand

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Don't Fear the Second Tier


Over the last 3 years we've really seen the banks tighten their lending criteria. Gone are the days of approving loans based on your previous history & good character. These days we’re at a point where loans are approved based on if the ‘computer says yes’.

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