Tony Alexander update May 2021

A key determinant of where the New Zealand economy goes is the pace of growth in our main export destinations.

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Rentvesting 4 Things You Need To Know

Rentvesting – owning an investment property while renting a property in an area you want to live. This can be a great option for those where location & lifestyle are a priority for you, or perhaps even necessary for potential career advancements.

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Tony Alexander Update April 2021

Impact of housing policy changes In my last article written a month ago, the final sentence read like this “The government primarily, and the Reserve Bank almost reluctantly, are likely...

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Tony Alexander Update March 2021

Housing Policies to accentuate a slowing market

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Struggling To Get On The Property Ladder? 4 Alternative Ways To Home Ownership

For many New Zealanders owning your own home is the ultimate dream. However, for some potential home owners it can fell it it will only ever be a dream. With large deposits needed, rising house prices it can seem practically impossible to get into the property market.

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Six Traps Robbing Us of Spare Time

This article was sent to me by my Accountant Perriam and Partners.  I thought it was worth sharing.

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Tony Alexander Update Feb 2021

The new year is well under way now and most people will have returned to work, giving thought to what 2021 will bring.

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New Year Resolutions and Your Finances

The new year is a perfect opportunity to not only start fresh with healthier mind & body, but also consider your financial wellbeing.

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4 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Buy Their 1st Home

In this day & age it's not uncommon for 1st Home Buyers to need a helping hand to get into a home.

And often the first place they look for that help -  is the good old
'Bank of Mum & Dad'

If you're in the position to help them get a foot onto the property ladder (& want to of course) There are a few different ways to go about it.

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Tony Alexander Update December 2020

In my column last month, I noted that the Reserve Bank would probably respond to evidence of a rise in low deposit lending to investors by seeking to reinstate Loan...

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