How Your Living Expenses Can Impact Your Home Loan Application

Lenders consider a variety of factors when assessing your home loan application. Their aim is to ascertain if you're able to comfortably afford the potential loan repayments.

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Tony Alexander Update May 2022

Each month I run five surveys aimed at delivering useful information on what is happening right at the coalface in the residential real estate sector as well as consumer spending...

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The Pros & Cons of Debt Consolidation

For many of us consolidating our debt (combining multiple loans, hire purchases, credit cards into one loan) is a great way to get our finances in order & make managing...

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Tony Alexander update April 2022

Now that the media have acknowledged house prices are falling, we are seeing one of the key elements of a downward leg of the house price cycle coming into play...

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Why Would I Bother With An Insurance Advisor?

Many of us use a mortgage broker to help us navigate the complexities of the home lending market, but how many of use actually have an insurance advisor?

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Tony Alexander update March 2022


Last  month  I  wrote  about  the  boom  being  over  in  the  residential  real  estate  market  around  New Zealand  and  the  past  month  has  brought  further  evidence  of  this.  Specifically, after  falling  1.5%  in  December  average  NZ  house  prices  fell  by  another  1.1%  in January.

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Tony Alexander Update February 2022

The  boom is  over

NZ boom in house prices  has  already  ended  and  if  I  had  to  use  a  single word  to  describe  what  I  feel  is  going  to  happen  over  the  next  2-3  years  it would  be  “flattening”,

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Helpful Tips to Cure A Financial Hangover

Overindulging during the Christmas, New Year period can leave us with more than just a few extra kilos to contend with. Many of us will be left with a bit of a ‘financial hangover’ too.

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How To Get On Top Of Your Finances In 2022

The new year is a perfect opportunity to not only start fresh with healthier mind & body, but also consider your financial wellbeing.

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4 Simple Ways to Avoid Over Spending This Xmas

Christmas can be a time of traditional ‘over spending’ 

Here’s a couple of ideas to help you avoid New Year ‘Financial Hangover’ and still enjoy the silly season.

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